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MS Office Hygiene - Best Practices

The focus of this learning event is on Microsoft Word with brief references to Outlook and PowerPoint. Topics Covered:
  • Setting up right – get to know your options, what you should be using and why
  • Formatting – being direct or doing it right and with style
  • Bullet proof your lists – the do’s and don'ts of numbered and bulleted lists
  • Headers and Footers – keeping it right from head to toe
  • Fields and Bookmarks – their mysteries and magic
  • Macros, Templates, Auto Text & Autocorrects – the building blocks of productivity

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring their personal computers so they can view and begin applying what they learn from the session. The material covered is applicable to locally installed versions of Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, or 2013 for the PC and Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac.

Wednesday, July 16th at Keiser University for a unique program that will start promptly at 11:30 a.m.

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Great Circle Learning provides software tools that add-in to Microsoft Office to automate the development of facilitator guides, participant guides and handouts that support instructor-led training.

  • LeaderGuide Pro™ Plus
  • LeaderGuide Pro™ Elements
  • george! for PowerPoint

These tools significantly reduce development time and produce consistent, icon-driven documents that enhance delivery of instructor-led training.


Benefits for the T&D professional:

  • Leverage existing PowerPoint, Keynote, images, and Word files
  • Build consistent, easy-to-follow, guidebooks and handouts
  • Create reusable custom collections with unique logos, styles, and graphics
  • Content is produced in Word so it is easy to share, edit, maintain, and re-purpose
  • Visually attractive materials delight facilitators, students, and clients
  • Dramatically reduce development time

GCL LeaderGuide

You can try the software for free and then decide whether a one month or annual subscription makes sense for you. The software is available for both the PC and the Mac.

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